Poems about Christ

Jesus the name above Pinterest.com

Lord there is no like you

Lord there is no one like you

No one make me feel like you do

My soul longs for You to be near

You give me joy and remove my fear

I worship You with all my heart

My desire is to be with You and never part

I dedicate to You every breath I take

You are part of every moment I’m awake

My hands are raised for Your Glory

You’re the author of my story

Your presence is what I seek

Without You I would be so weak

Your children will rise up and sing

Glory to you Lord the King of kings

They’ll say hosanna to the great I Am

Praises to the one and only Lamb

Jim Shanabarger

Jesus the name above Pinterest.com

There's Nothing That Compares To Jesus Name

There’s nothing that compares to Jesus name

No one comes close to His claim to fame

He lived to die to set all of us free

So we could live with Him in eternity

Jesus Christ is the name above all others

It brings us all together as sisters and brothers

At the mention of His name the winds obey

And the storms die down to make a better day

Jesus is the sweetest name in the universe

It tears down strongholds and breaks the curse

It’s more precious than all of the silver and gold

He’s been called upon by young and old

At the mention of His name every knee shall bow

So the time to accept Him into your life is now

He’ll come in and sweeten your existence

And fill you full of His loving presence

Jim Shanabarger

Jesus in the garden Pinterest.com

Thank You Lord For My Beating Heart

Thank you Lord for my beating heart

And for the fact that You will never part

I’m grateful for my opened eyes

And that Your word never lies

Thank You Lord for the hair on my head

And for allowing me to get out of bed

Another day You meet my needs

You never fail to always feed

Spending time with You is truly a pleasure

You are my prize You are my treasure

I dedicate my life to only you

You’re the way the life and the truth

I can never repay all that You’ve done

With You in my life I’ve already won

I love You Lord You are so fine

You saved my soul just in time

Jim Shanabarger

Jesus watching over a child Pinterest.com

Jesus You Are My Safeguard

Jesus You are my safeguard

In the house or in the yard

You protect me from all harm

You keep me calm in all alarm

Though destruction is everywhere around

You keep me planted on solid ground

Through the devastation of the storm

You have my back and keep me warm

When times of fear come creeping in

You replace my trembling with a grin

When I feel like I’m falling in a hole

You let me know You’re in control

I’ve come to depend on You so much

You always have that special touch

In all of my times of need and despair

You rescue me and show You care

Jim Shanabarger

Conquering King Pinterest.com

Jesus, Jesus My Precious Savior

Jesus, Jesus my precious Jesus

You died on the cross so You could save us

You are the one I love even more

Yes it is You I truly adore

One fabulous day You will return

When the depth of Your love I will finally learn

You’ll snatch us up in the twinkling of an eye

We all will meet You high in the sky

You’ll take us through the galaxy and the universe

Where finally in Your kingdom we’ll be immersed

It will be a tremendous place to spend all eternity

So amazed by Your presence and all the harmony

I look forward to this event with much desire

Of Your eternal love I will never grow tired

I am truly blessed above all measure

Just spending time with my awesome Savior

Jim Shanabarger

Jesus knocking Pinterest.com

Goodness And Mercy Knocks At Your Door

Goodness and mercy knocks at your door

They are for everyone rich or poor

God desires to shower you with His love

That He sent to you from up above

From heaven He sent Jesus Christ

To die for you and pay the ultimate price

But he didn’t stay dead in the grave

He rose again so you could be saved

He wants you to open your heart

He will come in and never part

So ask Jesus into your heart today

Please do it now and don’t delay

Jim Shanabarger

Beautiful Nature Pinterest.com

Father, Father There's So Much To Do

Father, Father there’s so much to do

I want to get it all done just for You

The heart is willing but the mind is weak

A millennium of things to do in only a week

There’s fasting and praying and reading Your word

And telling people the things You have preferred

Announcing the second coming of Jesus Christ

Listening to the Holy Spirit who’s always right

It's time to get busy doing the Lord's work

bringing more people into God's network

So it’s off to start in deed and writings too

Let me start by saying Father I adore you

Jim Shanabarger

Jesus returns Pinterest.com

Happy Birthday Jesus It's All For You

Happy birthday Jesus it’s all for You

Everything You’ve done and are going to do

You’re coming back one great and faithful day

To show the world You are the only way

On that awesome day the saints will cheer

the rest of the world will tremble with fear

so to be sure you’re on the winning side

Ask Jesus Christ to come inside

He'll come in and make your life whole

So it's time for you to do your role

When you ask Jesus into your heart

He promises to never part

Jim Shanabarger

Dove in Flight dreamstime.com

Holy Spirit You Have My Heart

Holy Spirit You have my heart

From Your guidance I will not part

It is Your instruction that I crave

I need more of it every day

Guide the path You have for me

And help me get the victory

I hunger for Your every word

You continue helping me move forward

You gently guide each step of my path

Your presence is like a soothing warm bath

You’ve been with me from the start

Holy Spirit You have my heart

Jim Shanabarger

Jesus in the Heavens Pinterest.com

Jesus Watches From On High

Jesus watches from on high

As the whole world passes by

Patiently waiting His Father’s command

To follow through with the Master’s plan

As the people grow darker and darker

There’s a period of time where God has a marker

When he sends His Son to gather His own

Lifts them high and brings them home

Where everyone of them will spend all eternity

And watch as Jesus slays the one false entity

So listen as I give the call

And turn to Jesus one and all

Jim Shanabarger

Wooden Cross Pinterest.com

Jesus, Jesus My Precious Savior

Jesus, Jesus my precious savior

Thank You, Lord for showing me favor

The love You displayed upon the cross

Just to save me from being lost

Has won a place deep in my heart

Then You rose again so we’ll never part

I’ll be with You throughout eternity

Having Your Holy Spirit ever with me

Jim Shanabarger

Foggy Forest Pinterest.com

Lord I want to Bask In Your Presence

Lord I want to bask in Your loving presence

To take You in through all of Your essence

The love You have placed within my heart

Has been there from the very start

You fill me up with warmth inside

And giving me a since of pride

Of Your love there can be no fill

You’re a billion times better than any pill

Help me to clear my cluttered mind

And really enjoy our precious time

You’re my reward for anything I do

To bring Your people closer to You.

Jim Shanabarger

Man in Forest Pinterest.com

Lord You Are So Wonderful To Me

Lord, You are so wonderful to me

You provide me with my every need

Your grace and mercy are fresh each day

You fill me with joy in oh so many ways

You watch over me and guide my path

You warm my soul like a soothing bath

I need more and more of You all the time

You’re the best treasure I could ever find

I love You Lord with all my heart

From Your presence I will not part

You are my Savior You are my Lord

You're my prize You're my reward

Jim Shanabarger

Thank You Lord For Your Awesome Presence

Thank You Lord for Your awesome presence

You are the creator of all existence

You made the air for us to breathe

You command all that’s above and beneath

Your tremendous power is a mighty force

By Your grace I am saved, You are my source

Jesus, I am Your servant, You are my Lord

All the days of my life I want to serve You more

I love the time I get to spend with You

My soul is replenished and my spirit is renewed

Next to You is where I want to be

To spend with You all of eternity

Jim Shanabarger