Valentine Flowers For My Honey Baby

Your Radiance Is More Than Just Skin

Your radiance is more than just skin

Your beauty comes from deep within

Very attractive you are to me

Your generosity makes you sweet

Companionship has brought us far

In this relationship of ours

Kindness is in your character too

All the more reasons I’m in love with you

You are the queen of my heart

From your presence I can’t be apart

The good times we share are truly the dearest

Of all the people in my life you’re the nearest

Jim Shanabarger

Heart and Flowers

Nancy My Wife My True Love

Nancy my wife my true love

You were sent to me from up above

Spending time with you is so very fine

You’re like the finest tasting wine

My soul mate you are forever

I just know we’ll always be together

Life with you has really been grand

It’s all part of God’s wonderful plan

Jim Shanabarger

Two Swans

We're Together Like Two Swans

We’re together like two swans

Gently floating on top of a pond

With all the beauty that’s all around

You’re the prettiest that I’ve found

I think that you are so very fair

We make such an awesome pair

My love for you runs ever so deep

My darling, your heart I’ll keep

Jim Shanabarger

Two Swans in Love

You Are My Honey Baby

You are my honey baby

Yes it’s so very true

You are my leading lady

That’s why I am in love with you

You bring fullness to my life

In all of the things you do

I’m so happy that you are my wife

And my very best friend too

You make my heart want to sing

And skip a beat or two

You love for me is my everything

It keeps me from feeling blue

You bring joy to me in every way

As I hope I do for you

You brighten up my every day

That’s just some of the reasons I love you

Jim Shanabarger