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Happy New Year 2019

The 2018 year has finally left us

And the 2019 is unfolding before us

We take the time to reflect the past

While hoping the future is unsurpassed

We mourned the tragedy of the Parkland Shooting

And rejoiced at Harry and Megan’s royal wedding

Black Panther was the top at the box office

While others had to cut their losses

As you remember your favorite song

and how you used to sing it all fay long

The waiting is over the future is here

So let’s boldly go into the new year

Jim Shanabarger

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Pinterest.com

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

This day we honor Dr. Martin Luther King

His words of wisdom he did bring

He was a great leader of his time

With inspiration that can be used anytime

Equality for all is what he stood for

It didn’t matter if they were rich or poor

Not to be judged by the color of our skin

Was the dream he had deep from within

“The time is always right to do what is right”

Are words he said to win the fight

Against injustice from all around

And put us all on equal ground

Jim Shanabarger

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Random Acts Of Kindness Day

February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day

It’s the day we celebrate things done in a kind way

It doesn’t take much to spread kindness around

Smile at someone and turn their frown upside down

Offering a kind word or a nice gesture

Can help make someone’s life a little fresher

So do something right and not something wrong

And show some kindness all day long

It not only makes others feel a little better

But the feeling returns to you in good measure

February 17th is a great time to start

But don’t stop there, let’s all do our part

Do random acts of kindness throughout the year

And cause everyone to have a little cheer

You'll be surprised how it brightens you day

You'll be a kinder person in every way

Jim Shanabarger

Jesus in the Garden Pinterest.com

As We Celebrate This Easter Time of Year

As we celebrate this Easter time of year

With our hearts full of joy and lots of cheer

Let’s take time to remember the reason

We all gather for this Easter season

There’s someone that paid the ultimate price

He’s the King of kings and His title is Christ

Yes He died for all of the sins of the world

Every man and woman and boy and girl

But He didn’t stay dead He rose from the grave

So every one of us could be saved

If you haven’t already, ask him into your heart

With Him a personal relationship you can start

Just say Jesus I know You died for me and all my sin

And right now I open my heart and invite You in

Come in and fill me full of Your love

And send me Your Holy Spirit from above

If you prayed that prayer of faith just now

Let someone know what you did and how

Find a church that you can attend

One with their arms wide open and will invite you in

Jim Shanabarger

Old Rugged Cross Pinterest.com

As We Celebrate This Easter Season

As We Celebrate This Easter Season

Let’s take a moment to remember the reason

This is the time we honor the Lord Jesus Christ

When he paid the ultimate sacrifice

The best part is he didn’t stay in the grave

But he rose again so we all could be saved

I want to offer this opportunity to do your part

And ask the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart

To do this all you have to do is pray

And say Jesus come into my life today

I’m really sorry for all my sins

Forgive me Lord Jesus and please come in

We wish you joy and happiness and lots of cheer

As you go through the rest of this year

Our warmest wishes for you and your family

And may God bless you very happily

Jim Shanabarger

Mother and Daughter Pinterest.com

You Are My Mother, You Are My Mom

You are my mother, you are my mom

I thank you for all that you have done

You brought me into this wonderful earth

You did it all by giving me birth

You nourished me and gave me care

You handled me with awesome flair

As I got older you bandaged my wounds

And comforted me when I was in my moods

You listened to me tell you all of my dreams

You were my best friend many times it seems

You always gave me words of encouragement

And brought me out of my discouragement

There are countless things you did for me

For all those things I want you to see

You are so special, yes it’s very true

These are just some of the reasons I love you

Jim Shanabarger

Helmet Gun and Boots Pinterest.com

This Is When We Celebrate Memorial Day

This is when we celebrate Memorial Day

We honor those in military who died in some way

They gave their life to keep us free

They did it all for you and me

Yes it’s true we should all be proud

Of the men and women that stand out in a crowd

They served our country until the end

Their motto was to protect and serve and to defend

As we remember their tremendous sacrifice

Let us all take this important advice

If you see someone in the service during this time

Tell them the job they are doing is so fine

Mention that you appreciate what they do

Standing up for the red white and blue

The way they protect each and every one of us

And they do it all without making a fuss

Jim Shanabarger

You Are My Father You Are My Dad

You are my father, you are my dad

There are many great times that we have had

You taught me how to fish and how to hunt

How to catch a ball and how to punt

You educated me on the importance of working hard

By cutting the grass and taking care of the yard

I learned from you how to provide for those you love

Your work ethics were always a cut above

You disciplined me when I got out of line

Which I’ll admit was more than one time

But through it all I learned respect

And valuable lessons that I won’t forget

You showed us all how to love and honor God

Your faith in Him never seemed odd

You lead us in prayer at the dinner table

And told us God would always make us able

Jim Shanabarger

Nativity Scene Pinterest.com

It was the eve before Christmas

It was the eve before Christmas and all through the town

There wasn’t a place where they could lay their head down

So they settled on a stable outside one of the Inn’s

Where the birth of the Christ child would be ushered in

Off in the distance shepherds saw a star so bright

As Jesus was born deep into the night

The angels filled the sky and they said come and see

The birth of a savior the true King of kings

When they arrived at the stable for this blessed event

They gazed upon Jesus and knew He was heaven sent

They felt a peace and calm come over each of them

While they had no idea of the importance of Him

Jesus looked up and smiled at all these strangers

While He laid there in His little wooden manger

I wonder if He knew the role He would play

In saving us all on one glorious day

Jim Shanabarger

Nativity Scene Pinterest.com

It Happened Long Ago On One Silent Night

It happened long ago on one silent night,

when the heavens displayed a star so bright.

It outshined all of the others by far,

Because it was a very special star.

It ushered in our glorious Savior’s birth,

the best gift in the entire earth.

With livestock standing all around,

the silence was broken with the sound.

Of angel’s singing Glory to God in the highest,

as an event took place that was the finest.

Jesus Christ finally came to us all,

that faithful night that we now recall.

Jim Shanabarger

Nativity Scene Pinterest.com

Happy Birthday Jesus It's All For You

Happy birthday Jesus it’s all for You

Everything You’ve done and are going to do

You’re coming back one great and faithful day

To show the world You are the only way

On that awesome day the saints will cheer

the rest of the world will tremble with fear

so to be sure you’re on the winning side

Ask Jesus Christ to come inside

So do the best thing you possibly can

and ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come in

When you ask Jesus into your heart

He promises to never part

Jim Shanabarger

Santa Claus Pinterest.com

Santa soon will be on his way

Santa soon will be on his way

Riding in that faithful sleigh

He’s bringing lots of gifts and toys

For all the wonderful girls and boys

The reindeer are getting ready

To make the trip oh so steady

They’ll be speeding all through the night

As they travel at the speed of light

On Christmas morn’ the kids will run to see

All of the presents Santa left under the tree

So off to bed the time is near

Santa is coming can’t you hear

Jim Shanabarger

Santa Claus Pinterest.com

The Time For Santa Is Drawing Near

The time for Santa is drawing near

Your children will soon be filled with cheer

With their precious faces all a glow

They’ll open their presents all in a row

If you have no gifts under the tree

The love you have will still run deep

So hug them all one by one

And come to realize you still have won

Jim Shanabarger

Soon It Will Be The Day Of Christmas

Soon it will be the day of Christmas

The time we celebrate a time of giving

As we take a break from all of the business

We can just set back and enjoy the living

The food we prepare will be so delicious

And soon we’ll start a new year’s beginning

Your family time is ever so precious

So have a life that is totally fulfilling

And have a very Merry Christmas

Jim Shanabarger