About Us

Hello, I am Jim Shanabarger the creator of WritingsByJim.NET I have dabbled in poetry for most of my life but didn’t really do anything with it. I am a United States Marine Veteran who became disabled after I served my country.

My disability had caused me to be depressed because I haven’t been able to be a productive member of the work force. This went on for many years, then the Lord Jesus gave me the idea to write poetry on a large scale but money to finance such an adventure wasn't there at the time .

With technology growing as fast as it is, I thought I would check out the possibilities of writing poems for as many people as I can. Through Google Domains and Google Site I have been able to build a website where I can write poems for people at a price I could afford. Since I have started this project I have a new found reason to live. I can be productive again!!!! So here I am.

My wife (of 20 years), Nancy who is also on disability helps me with research and other area I need assistance with. She is the inspiration for many of the poems I write.