Ordering Page

Welcome to our Ordering Page

Here are some prices to have me create a personalized poem using information you provide me with through questionnaire below. Poems start out at 16 lines and are what these prices represent. Depending on how much you want these prices are subject to change. If you want more the prices will increase. If you want less these prices will decrease.

  1. To write a personalized poem and send it to you through email only -----------------------------------------------------$15.00

  2. To add a personal picture and send to your selected person in the form of a greeting card---------------------------$25.00

  3. To have personalized poem and pictured displayed on my website's homepage for a week--------------------------$30.00

  4. To have a page on my website dedicated completely to the person you select for a week----------------------------$50.00

Greeting Card Front

Greeting Card Inside

At the side of the Questionnaire is a drop down payment button from PayPal. After you fill out the questionnaire select the way you want to get your poem, then click Buy Now.