Welcome to WritingsByJim.Net. Here you will find a collection of poems written by Jim Shanabarger. These poems are designed to enlighten you, inspire you and to lift you up. As you scroll down to read these poems, our hope is that you will find something within these pages that will touch your heart and encourage you to decide to order a personal poem for yourself or a loved one.

So without further ado these poems are for you.

Jesus Christ is the Dearest Friend to Me

Jesus Christ is the dearest friend to me

He is my savior throughout all eternity

Redeeming my soul with the ultimate price

He died on the cross as the final sacrifice

After three days of lying in the tomb

He returned to life like a sonic boom

Yes, death could not hold Him in its place

And one day I will see Him face to face

On that glorious day when we finally meet

I most certainly will fall at His feet

I’ll worship Jesus with all that is within me

And thank Him for giving me the victory

Would you ask Jesus into your mess?

He will enter your life and make you blessed

He’ll come in and forgive you of your sin

And give you a new life for you to begin

Jim Shanabarger

It's time to say Happy Birthday my friend

It's time to say Happy Birthday my friend

Another year has come to an end

A new one for you is about to begin

I hope it's one that will make you grin

We hope the day you have is filled with joy

And lots of blessing for you to enjoy

We hope your next year will have you saying Oh Boy!!!

When it comes to friends you're the real McCoy

Jim Shanabarger

When life takes you down the path of despair

When life takes you down the path of despair

And you’re feeling like no one seems to care

There’s one who knows everything you’re going through

His name is Jesus and He’ll give you your breakthrough

When your mind is cluttered and filled with doubt

Just ask the Lord Jesus to help you out

He’ll correct your thoughts and clear your mind

He will fix your situation and get you aligned

Call on the Lord when you’re troubled with fear

He will comfort you and let you know He is near

You can turn to Him in your time of need

Count on Jesus, He’s there indeed

Jim Shanabarger

Raining, raining yet another day

Raining, raining yet another day

It seems this rain will not go away

Even though it keeps me from going out

I won’t just sit around and pout

There are things I can do inside

That will give me a since of pride

I can do the dishes or clean the house

Or just spend time with my loving spouse

We can watch our favorite shows on TV

Or go online and connect with our family

Yes there are many things we can do

To pass the time through the dreary blues

While we wait for the sun to shine

We will enjoy ourselves and have a good time

It seems the time is finally here

The sun breaks through, let us all cheer

Jim Shanabarger

We love to watch Good Day Tampa Bay

We Love To Watch Good Day Tampa Bay

They have Stories to brighten all of our days

Walter and Jen start us out at 4 in the morning

Giving us stories that are never boring

Russel and Laura give us headline News

Mariah gets us through traffic, and shows great cars too

Charley Belcher gives us great places to go

Dave Osterberg tells us weather and is the Science Pro

Kellie, Liz and Dan give us news on location

And they do it all without hesitation

Let’s not forget Sorboni, Matt and Tony

With weekend news and weather that fills our need

If you want to really kick start your day

Start it out with Fox 13 Good Day Tampa Bay

Jim Shanabarger

Jesus precious Savior Why Do You Delay

Jesus oh precious savior why do you delay

It seems the whole world has gone astray

We need you now more than ever

To take away the evil and make it better

We’re sorry Lord and truly are repentant

We yearn for you to take us to heaven

Your whole creation cries out for Your return

Please save us Lord and don’t let us burn

We all wait for the twinkling of an eye

When we will all meet You high up in the sky

You’ll take us to our home in glory

And that will be the start of the eternal story

Spending eternity with You will be so grand

Because it’s all part of Your Fathers plan

Listening closely to Your every word

And the heavenly sounds that can be heard

Jim Shanabarger

Justin we really hate to see you go

We really hate to see you go

But through this journey you will grow

Stepping out in faith is not always easy to do

But by doing so will reveal Gods plan for you

We wish you luck and all the best

And pray the God will handle all the rest

With God’s grace you’ll certainly go far

Yes in Hollywood you will make your mark

With you around things were always better

Don’t forget to email or maybe a FB letter

We all love you and will miss you dearly

You’ve brightened our life and made it cheery

Jim Shanabarger

Jesus in the garden Pinterest.com

They Call Him Savior

They call Him Savior but He’s so much more

He’s the King of kings and the Lord of lords

He’s your best friend in times of need

He’s all you should have to really succeed

He will stick by you closer than a brother

He’ll tenderly take care of you like none other

He died on the cross so you can be forgiven

He rose from the grave so you can go to heaven

It’s been said He’s the lover of your soul

He’ll lead your life if you give Him control

Your life will be changed if you let Him in

Your heart will be cleaned; He’ll remove your sin

Ask Him into your life and heart today

He will stay with you all the way

His name is Jesus and He is The Christ

And for you he paid the ultimate price

Jim Shanabarger

Supreme Pizza Pinterest.com

The Aroma of Pizza is in The Air

The aroma of pizza is in the air

There is none other that can compare

Yes the smell of that pie is oh so fine

I can hardly wait to start to dine

Gazing upon this Italian dish

With all the toppings that I wish

It makes my eyes start to water and tear

Soon I’ll be eating it with lots of cheer

Now as I’m pulling it towards my chin

With all that cheese stretching oh so thin

I finally get the slice up to my mouth

Take a bite with all my teeth north and south

I experience that taste I’ve been waiting for

It’s so awesome I gotta’ have more

I eat it up until it’s all gone

And now let me ask you Hey Pizza anyone

Jim Shanabarger

Kid by the creek Pinterest.com

Sitting By The Creek Makes Me Glad

Sitting by the creek makes me glad

I think of all the good times I had

Catching fish and skipping stones

Feeling great all through my bones

Whether by myself or with a friend

I felt like it was the living end

Laying on my back staring all around

Looking at the sky or at the ground

They truly were peaceful times

Enjoying all of nature’s signs

Seeing a rabbit or a squirrel at play

I really didn't want to go away

So find a creek and stay awhile

I’m certain it will make you smile

It’ll take your mind of all the hustle

And calm you from the entire bustle

Jim Shanabarger

Jesus in heaven Pinterest.com

Jesus there are none that compare

Oh precious Jesus there are none that compare

To what you have done way back there

On that great and faithful day

When you gave your life away

You did it to save the billions that followed

Through your victory death was swallowed

Because you didn’t stay in the grave

But rose again so that all might be saved

Thank you Lord for your saving grace

And making heaven our resting place

You promised that if we ask you into our hearts

You would make your home there and never part

As we celebrate this Easter season

Please everyone remember the reason

And ask Jesus to come into your lives

Where he will live and help you thrive

Jim Shanabarger

Water Garden Pinterest.com

As I Gaze Upon Your Water Garden

As I Gaze upon Your water garden

With waterfall cascading down like a gentle fountain

I marvel at all the beauty I see

And feel so blessed that You showed this to me

The colors are all so very rich and pure

I’m taken back to the garden of Eden for sure

The flowers are beautiful and all around

And there’s butterflies with fluttering sounds

The giant goldfish are swimming in the stream

With a bed of rocks below that seem to gleam

I can smell the fragrance of the flowers in the air

My hope is these words will take you there

The sun beaming through trees upon my face

This truly is a most beautiful place

It’s heaven on earth this much is true

All of this is Gods beauty showing through

Jim Shanabarger

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Smiley emojiPinterest.com

If You Are At The Brink Of Despair

If you are at the brink of despair

There is someone who really cares

If you are feeling like you got the blues

There is somebody who really loves you

His name is Jesus and He wants you to know

He knows everything about you from head to toe

He will prove to be closer than a really true friend

If you’ll only open your heart and let Him in

To do this just say Jesus come in to my life

Forgive me and remove all of my strife

I want to feel the kind of love only you can give

Give my life meaning and help me want to live

If you said those words or something close

You’ll have new life and His love in double dose

He will pour out His love into your heart

Give you new beginnings and help you restart

Now tell somebody of what you have done

You’ve asked Jesus in and that means you’ve won

Get involved with those that believe

To learn more and help you achieve

Jim Shanabarger

Jesus Healing Pinterest.com

Does Jesus Still Heal Today

The question is does Jesus still heal today

Yes my friend He heals in many ways

There are countless people who have been healed

Sometimes the miraculous healing is revealed

There are times when Jesus does it himself

Other times he enlist a doctors help

We often think it is taking too long

Jesus will heal you Just hold on

Sometimes instructions have to be followed

So in disbelief please don’t wallow

Trust in the Lord with all of your might

And whatever you do don’t give up the fight

Jim Shanabarger

I Remember

I remember in fall swinging from a swing on a tree

along with rolling around in the piles of leaves

I remember riding my bike with the wind in my face

and also pretending I was deep in outer space

I remember playing during recess at school

being on the merry-go-round acting like a fool

I remember playing outside until the bell would ring

thinking how much recess was my favorite thing

I remember in winter when the snow would fall

and I would go outside and have a ball

I remember staying out for as long as I can

throwing snow balls and building a snow man

I remember in spring the flowers would bloom

how I would cut the grass and clean my room

I remember school letting out for summer break

how I couldn't wait to go with my parents to the lake

Jim Shanabarger

Happy Birthday Laura


You are a survivor yes it’s so very true

And so we celebrate this day with you

As we honor you on the day of your birth

We share some words of your great worth

You head up the company’s marketing campaigns

So our joy for you we can hardly contain

With you being a faithful student of fine art

We paint these birthday wishes upon your heart

Perhaps the words that means the most

Come from the Lord Jesus the Lord of host

You are my child, I am your Lord

And I will love you forevermore

From Everyone who loves you

Jim Shanabarger

Jesus and surgeon Pinterest.com

When Faced With a Dreaded Liver Disease

When faced with a dreaded liver disease

The first thing he did was fall to his knees

God worked miracles throughout the process

And brought him through, to a major success

When told about his condition, he was placed on a list

To receive another liver where the old one exist

It only took half the time it normally takes

God was working make no mistake

With the care and help from a fantastic staff

He was able to joke and laugh

Five days after the surgery took place

He was released to go home before Christmas day

With family and friends all around

He continues to gain miraculous ground

He now has a new lease on life

And it’s all because of Jesus Christ

Jim Shanabarger

Big Mouth Bass Pinterest.com

I Love Going To My Favorite Fishing Hole

I love going down to my favorite fishing hole

Where I can fish for hours with my fishing pole

With my rod and reel close at hand

I think how great the fish will cook in the pan

As I sit by the lake to relax and to reflect

When all of a sudden a twitch I detect

I reach for my rod and reel and hold on tight

As this big mouth bass puts up a fight

Back and forth the battle rages

This war is in the final stages

When at last the battle is done

The fish in hand this one I’ve won

Jim Shanabarger

Jesus knocking at the door Pinterest.com

There's Someone Knocking At Your Heart's Door

There is someone knocking at your heart’s door

His name is Jesus and He wants to love you forevermore

If you will allow Him the pleasure of coming in

He will never leave you and always be a friend

He wants to guide and lead you down life’s path

And keep you safe from all of the coming wrath

So take some time to get to know Him

And open up the door wide and let Him in

He'll come in and change your life

and taking away all your strife

Making this decision you’ll never regret

Ask Him in now it’s something you won’t forget

Jim Shanabarger

Nativity Scene on Pinterest.com

It Happened Long Ago On One Silent Night

It happened long ago on one silent night,

when the heavens displayed a star so bright.

It out shined all of the others by far,

Because it was a very special star.

It ushered in our glorious Savior’s birth,

the best gift in the entire earth.

With livestock standing all around,

the silence was broken with the sound.

Of angel’s singing Glory to God in the highest,

as an event took place that was the finest.

Jesus Christ finally came to us all,

that faithful night that we now recall.

Jim Shanabarger

Motorcycling Pinterest.com

Riding Makes Me Feel Like I Win

Riding makes me feel like I win

As my hair is blown back by the wind

The fresh air coming past my face

It’s easy for me to keep up the pace

Listening to the engine run

I think to myself this is the most fun

I count the center lines when they go by

I feel the freedom of the eagle in the sky

Just riding my bike I know I’m in my realm

the captain of the road with my hands on the helm

Riding down this winding road

I'm in the best feeling of my life mode

Jim Shanabarger

We Celebrate The Day of Your Birth

Today we celebrate the day of your birth

Let it be told you are of great worth

Just to let you know that God is proud

Of your ability to teach to a crowd

You are loved by Him and by us all

Giving us the word of God, you stand tall

A fisher of men, you can’t be matched

God loves you more with every catch

As you sail along throughout this day

We want to wish you Happy Birthday!

Jim Shanabarger

Beautiful Nature Pinterest.com

You Caress Me With Your Gentle Breeze

You caress me with Your gentle breeze

as it passes by ever so softly.

Your glowing sun warms my face

as it shines on me from deep in space.

Gazing upon Your autumn trees

I see the beauty of Your colorful leaves.

Listening, I hear the wonderful sound

of Your harmonious birds all around.

With You Lord Jesus I am so amazed

You fill my senses through all of my days.

Your awesome creation is so glorious

And to think, You do it all for us.

As I sit and watch the waterfall

I am drawn to answer your loving call

Through it all there’s one thing I’m sure

You love us Lord and we are Yours.

Jim Shanabarger

Dove, Roses and Heart Pinterest.com

Nancy my wife my little dove

Nancy my wife my little dove

You were sent to me from up above

Spending time with you is so very fine

You’re like the finest tasting wine

My soul mate you are forever

I just know we’ll always be together

Life with you has really been grand

It’s all part of God’s wonderful plan

Jim Shanabarger

Two Swans Pinterest.com

We're Together Like Two Swans

We’re together like two swans

Gently floating on top of a pond

With all the beauty that’s all around

You’re the prettiest that I’ve found

I think that you are so very fair

We make such an awesome pair

My love for you runs ever so deep

My darling, your heart I will keep

Jim Shanabarger